Revised: 2021-04-30

This policy describes how FORDONSDATA NORDIC AB (Swedish organization number 556418-4090) handles personal data for recruitment, sales/marketing and user information.


We handle your personal information in accordance to applicable law. Read more below for a more detailed description. All the data we collect/manage, is stored only on our servers or our suppliers’ servers within the EU/EEA, except visitor data from our Google Web site. (Read more under the heading Website)

Data on our servers has the best possible protection against intrusion.

If your data is registered with us, you are entitled to contact us to change or delete your information.

Once a year, according to current legislation, you have the right to a ask for a complete list of the data we have about you. For more requests of this kind, we have the right to charge a fee to handle your request.

We may change and/or update the Privacy Policy on this site. The most current version will govern our use of your information.

If you have any comments, questions or other concerns about our privacy policy or personal data management, you are always welcome to contact us.


FordonsData Nordic AB
Hedvig Möllers gata 6
SE-223 55 Lund
Tel: 010-474 96 00

Box 8114
SE-104 20 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8-657 61 00


When you submit a job inquiry letter or search for a specific job, we will save your application and your application documents in the ReachMee recruitment tool (3rd party).

We use your documents and personal data to make a selection of candidates. Your information is displayed to selected persons at FORDONSDATA NORDIC AB. We will save your application documents in the recruitment tool for 1 year, in order to contact you if a similar job becomes available. After one year, all documents and data are deleted. Application documents that are send to us from recruiters or directly to us via e-mail will be stored on our servers and deleted after 1 year.

You can always ask us not to save your information and at any time notify us that you do not want to remain in our register.


If you are one of our suppliers, your contact information is stored in our business-system.

If you have shown an interest in any of our products or services, your contact information will be stored in our CRM system, as long as we keep in touch with you. When you buy from us for the first time, we will put your personal data in our business system and our user database.


As a user of one or several of our systems, you are registered in our user database.

Here we store the following data: name, email address, title, phone number and role (eg system administrator, financial controller, etc.) and if you have registered for your newsletter. Even the reports of issues you post are logged along with your personal information.

Your personal data is used only with the purpose to contact you: in case of error, for training opportunities, to provide you with current information about the company as a whole, for release notes and the like.

The first time you contact us, your personal data will be stored in our user database. You can also be registered as a user at the request of any of your managers. We will remove your personal data when we receive information that you have left the company or at your own request.

When we contact you in different contexts by email, we import your email address and name to a temporary mailing file. This file is saved no longer than one year, for statistics.


When you visit our website, we log and track your use of the website. We do this to develop better services and to inform our visitors about new features and offers.

We automatically record and store information from your browser, for example which device, type of browser, IP-address, cookies and which pages you visited including your interaction with our emails or Google ads.

The reason for collecting this information is primary to use this data as depersonalized information for the improvement of our website. We might, if it is to our users benefit, use the information to improve our communication with our users and visitors (eg tailored marketing to our customers.)

When you use the website’s contact form (Newsletter), we will log your email address and the time you contacted us in a subscriber register, that is used to send out newsletters a couple of times every year.

On FORDONSDATA NORDIC AB’s website, cookies are used to provide us with information and statistics about the visits.

We use Google Analytics to learn what pages are visited most frequently and in what order, so that we may improve our website. Google Analytics is a web-based analytical tool provided by Google. Google uses current information to evaluate visitors’ use of the site. In addition, Google may adapt the advertisements you see based on information about your previous browsing. The information stored in cookies used by Google’s tools (such as IP addresses) is forwarded to, and stored on, Google’s servers located around the world. With this, the information can be managed on a server located in a country other than where you live. Google may also transfer the information to third parties in cases where required by law or when such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google does not link your IP address with any other information Google has stored.


When we contact you in different contexts by email or SMS, we import your email address, telephone number, name and title to our system for publishing e-mails and SMS in order to send you information.

You are free, at any time after you have agreed to receive offers or information from FORDONSDATA NORDIC AB via e-mail, to withdraw your consent. In all the emails you receive from FORDONSDATA NORDIC AB, there is a clear reference on to how to opt out/unsubscribe.

Please be aware that unsubscribing only refers to the specific type of purpose of the e-mail that you received. You may still receive e-mails or SMS from us for other purposes until you choose to unsubscribe from them as well.

If you choose to opt-out from e-mails from us, we will save your email address in a so-called stop file. This file ensures that we do not send out more e-mail messages to that e-mail address.

If you want to be forgotten, eg erased from our e-mailing system, you can contact us at the address mentioned above.